Recipe "Omurays":



  • Fig - 50 g
  • mushrooms - 3 pieces.
  • onions - 0.5 pc.
  • Garlic - 2 the tooth.
  • shrimp - 3 pieces.
  • green peas - 2 tablespoons
  • sweet white wine - 2 tablespoons
  • parsley - to taste
  • ketchup - 1 tablespoon
  • chicken egg - 4 pcs.
  • milk - 2 tablespoons
  • black pepper - to taste

cooking time

25 minutes

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking





Cooking, Roasting


Meeting with friends, Breakfast, Dinner



Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1


Fig cook according to instructions, but with less water than usual.

Step 2

Onions and garlic are finely chopped. Shrimp cut into small pieces. Mushrooms cut into small pieces. On butter fry the garlic and onion until golden brown, add the mushrooms. Then, pour the wine and fry until evaporate the alcohol.

Step 3

Add the cooked rice, ketchup and stir. Pepper, salt. A little warm up. Pours green peas, chopped parsley, shrimp and stir fry for two minutes.

Step 4

It remains to make an omelet! At the plate, beat eggs and milk, salt. Pour the egg mixture in a well-heated frying pan with sunflower oil.

step 5

In the finished omelet rice stuffing and spreadlike are wrapped her omelette. In Japan, there are two ways: first - to put figure on the omelette, wrapped in an omelette and turn at the plate, and the second - just remove the omelet from the pan and cover with a plate already in Fig. Cut into portions or the entire file. Bon Appetit!

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