Basil mashed potatoes

Recipe "basil mashed potatoes":

Basil mashed potatoesNo matter how reviled the potatoes in the diet plan, so she does not become less tasty ;) Well, what, tell me cutlets without mashed potatoes? A fried fish? A meat with some gravy? No, you can, of course, and with rice or other grains, but I personally tastes best with potatoes.

I propose to you a new (and for someone certainly not new) version of the potato side dish - mashed potatoes with basil. Very fragrant, delicious and beautiful :)

Ingredients 4 servings:

800 g of purified potato
100ml milk
80 g butter
a handful of basil leaves
1 clove of garlic
salt to taste

Potatoes cut into medium-sized pieces, put in a pan, fill with water, salt to taste. We would like to kipeniyai cook until tender.

Melt the butter. Pour it into a blender cup, add the basil and garlic. Ground to a homogeneous slurry state.

Ready karofel decant, pour the hot milk and add the basil mass. We press into a puree.

Serve immediately.

Basil mashed potatoes

Bon Appetit!

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