Cutting red fish

Recipe "Cutting red fish":

Cutting red fish


  • red fish (trout, kezhuch, salmon)

cooking time

30 minutes

The complexity of cooking


Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Cutting red fish

Take fish for cervical fin and trim head in a circle under the gill bone. If you intend to use your head in the future, such as soup, remove the gills - they can be toxic.

Step 2

Cutting red fish

Cut the fins under the tail - in principle, it can not do, but cut the fillets will be much more convenient. Cut the fins on both sides, so the result is a cut-out like a triangle.

Step 3

Cutting red fish

A movement along the spine, from the inside,separate the rib bones. Hold the spine paper towels to avoid injury to the bone rather sharp. Remains of meat from the ridge can be removed with a spoon or a fork and let rolls, soups or just prisolit is.

Step 4

Cutting red fish

Change the knife and trim the fillet from the top row of spinal bones. Long knife allows you to do it in one motion. If you use a different knife to fillet may remain "burrs."

step 5

Cutting red fish

Separate the rib bones, trim and separate amuse (it is well suited for salting), helping his finger - at this point it should be separated as if by itself.

step 6

Cutting red fish

Remove bone towards the head tilted towards the belly (in the direction of bone growth). Thus it is necessary to hold the meat by hand, so as not to break it on the fibers.

step 7

Cutting red fish

Separate the skin, placing the fillet skin side down, and while holding it in the tail, slightly trim the meat. Then take in the middle of the separated piece of leather a small incision, which can vdet finger.

Step 8

Cutting red fish

Pull the skin from the head and simultaneously cut the endthroughout. The skin is very elastic and can stretch several times. Knife when it is impossible to "cut" - you need to make incisions in one long movement from the "heels" of the knife to the tip.

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