Fruit punch

The recipe for "Fruit Punch":

Fruit punchIn our nice company Friday, affectionately called "tyaPnitsa" :) . Well, or the manager's Day. And often the day of the week is complete without a lovely get-togethers with something tasty alcoholic. Today I offer you a recipe Friday fruit punch. Prepared simply, it turns out tasty and mentally. We are prepared with fresh pineapple, but in the process of tasting concluded that canned is fine, too.


750ml dry white wine
500 ml of semi-sweet champagne
2 oranges
1 cup diced pineapple
1 lemon
2.5 tablespoons Sahara


Oranges cut into thin semicircles. Put in a large bowl with pineapple.

cut fruits

From lemon squeeze juice, pour into a bowl. Sprinkle the fruit with sugar and put in the fridge for half an hour.

Take out, pour the chilled wine and champagne.

Fill the wine

Pour into glasses with fruit and ...

Fruit punch

... Well you get-togethers ;)

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