Buckwheat on Pokhlebkin

Recipe "Buckwheat on Pokhlebkin":

Buckwheat on PokhlebkinI was here recently reproached the fact that there is only one recipe with buckwheat blog. I looked - and the truth :( Today, I want a little bit to fill this gap. Let's cook a delicious buckwheat porridge.

To flavor it adds to the milled powderDried porcini mushrooms. Their number is negligible with respect to cereals, but this is enough to make porridge wonderful mushroom flavor. The addition of eggs in this case is not necessary, but the dish will definitely get a tasty and nutritious with them ;)

Ingredients 6 servings:

1 cup of buckwheat (volume 250 ml)
2 cups water
1 small onion, or half the average
1-2 dried white fungus
salt to taste
2 boiled eggs
butter to taste


Onions finely chop.

chop onions

Mushrooms grind in a coffee grinder.

grind the mushrooms

Buckwheat washed and put into the pot. Pour water, add milled mushrooms over high heat, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and cook, covered, until the buckwheat is tender and the liquid has evaporated. Around the middle of cooking, put on top of buckwheat finely chopped onion (do not mix).

Finished buckwheat give stand with the lid closed off plite10 minutes, then remove, salt, add the chopped eggs and butter.

+ eggs

Mix and serve.

Buckwheat on Pokhlebkin

Bon Appetit!

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