Thick soup with chicken and leek

Recipe "dense soup with chicken and leek":

Thick soup with chicken and leekSomething we have today quite colder - merznu and on the street and at home, because heating is not yet included :( . Let us therefore bask delicious hot meal. A thick soup, the recipe of which I propose to you today, for this could not be better. Nourishing component here - pearl barley, love which suddenly woke up in me 26 years old.


4 large chicken legs (my breast with bones and leg from a whole chicken)
2.5 liters of chicken stock
500ml dry white wine or water
2 large celery stalks
1 large carrot
2 large garlic cloves
4-5 large leek stalk (needed only white and light green part)
12 pitted prunes
100 g of dry pearl barley
chopped parsley to supply, on request
salt and pepper to taste

In a large kastryure warm up the oil. Until golden brown fried chicken pieces on both sides, for 8 minutes per game.


In a saucepan pour the broth, wine or water, putwhole carrots, garlic and notched cutting in half across the celery stalks. Stir well to dissolve all the brown lumps that are left after frying chicken. Bring to a boil in a saucepan and return the chicken. Season with salt to taste.


Reduce the fire, cover the pan with a lid and cook for about 40 minutes, until carrots are cooked.

We take out the chicken from the pan and vegetables, give a little cool.

Leek thinly sliced.


Put the broth. There also send prunes and barley. Cook for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, chop the diced carrots and celery.


With chicken meat remove and dismantle his hands to pieces.

A hen

Add the vegetables and chicken soup, warm up and serve.

Thick soup with chicken and leek

Bon Appetit!

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