Potato wave

Recipe "Potato wave":

Potato waveWhatever you say, but more often on holidaymeal garnish role fulfills all painfully familiar and native potato puree. Love to potatoes our people indestructible, so try to displace the product from the table is almost useless :) . But it can be successfully diversify, turning it into a beautiful elegant dish that can be proud to put among the delicacies ;) .


Puree 1 kg of potatoes
200 grams spinach
2 tablespoons tomato paste


Puree divide into 3 parts. First add the chopped spinach (if frozen - simply thaw and squeeze if fresh - 2 minutes dipped in boiling water, then discard in a sieve and rub).

With spinach

The second - the tomato paste.

With tomato paste

The third part is left as is.

Using a pastry bag with a wide nozzle laid with colorful mashed in a baking dish.

We put into shape

Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Potato wave

Bon Appetit!

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