Meat Polenz

Recipe "Meat Polenz":

Meat PolenzYou are used to restrict your diet? You sit on a diet and count calories absolutely all the products? Then this post is not for you, because we will prepare most of the fat pig carcasses (of course, not counting the fat) - neck. Meat cooked in this recipe, it turns out very tender and melts in your mouth. And this is all despite the fact that it is quite simply prepared.

For masterpiece, we need solid piece of pork neck (if you want popostnee - Take the loin, but in this case, the dish will turn out dryish), mushrooms and cheese.

The meat is done here are pockets

Rub the meat with salt and pepper to taste. Laying in a pocket on each plate of cheese and mushroom four plates (two on each side of the cheese).

Mushrooms and cheese
You should get here is flaky Polenz.

The foil
We wrap this beauty in foil, place in a baking dish and send it in the oven somewhere for an hour.

The foil

For 10 minutes before the expiry of this period it is necessary to break the foil to the meat browns on top.
It turns out that's such a delicious thing

Meat Polenz
Bon Appetit!

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