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Recipe "Milkshake":

Milk shakeUpdate recipe from 13.02.2008, the

A great basic recipe milkshake. Optionally, you can add a banana or any fruit of your choice ;)

Since then, both in the house there was a blender, I have norest - home every now and then are asked to prepare a milkshake. Yes, I myself do not mind - they are delicious, and prepared without much difficulty. Some are not particularly suited to the kitchen work male individuals even get the hand of his own making.

Ingredients 4 servings:

600ml milk
500 g of ice cream
icing sugar to taste and desire


Put all ingredients in a blender.

Put in a blender

Beat on medium speed for a couple of minutes. Ready cocktail is poured into a large glass and drink through a straw.

Everything is simple.

Milk shake

Bon Appetit!

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