Chebureki "Crimean"

Recipe "Chebureki" Crimean "":

Chebureki "Crimean"


  • 12 chebureks weighing 100 g


  • 450 g flour
  • 5 g of the salt
  • 275 g of whole milk


  • 360g lamb - I took the pork + beef
  • 75 g onion
  • 7.5 g of the salt
  • 75 g water
  • ground black pepper

cooking time

20 minutes

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking





Stir-frying in a wok


Meeting with friends, Lunch, Picnic



Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Knead dough - kneading bread maker I trust in"Dumplings" mode. Roll out into the formation, folded three times, roll, repeat 3 times and let the dough rest - 20 minutes It becomes elastic and does not stick. Divide into 12 balls that roll, or like me - to cut out circles. I pasties small - 12 cm in diameter circle.

Step 2

Chebureki "Crimean"

Mutton and onion mince, season with salt and pepper and dilute with water. Place each cake 50 grams of minced meat.

Step 3

Fold the crescent edges close up, pinning first edge of his hand and letting the air.

Step 4

Chebureki "Crimean"

Heat oil (about 1.5 cent.) - I fry for 4-5 division plate of six, ie, not the greatest temperature, and has managed to browned and roasted.

step 5

This is such a wonderful cheburechki - crispy, vesicular and many toppings.

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