Patties with dried fruits "Yuebin" recipe with a photo

Recipe "Pies with dried fruits" Yuebin "recipe with photo":


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As you know, the Chinese are not only theirhard work, but also a special predilection for various holidays. Moreover, each of them is characterized by its traditional dish. For example, the autumn festival of the moon can not be imagined without Yuebin - a kind of round cakes with unusual fillings. Options for its preparation, even in China, there are many. But there are some mandatory rules. First, the dough is mixed with honey. Second, the filling has a pasty or approximate to that of the structure. And third, in the middle of the stick is present salted egg yolk. We will not go to such daring experiments and prepare the home Yuebin with dried fruit, which in Asia love to entertain small children.


  • Chinese dried fruits (250 g);
  • flour (210 g);
  • walnuts (50 g);
  • milk (80 mL);
  • baking powder;
  • vanilla sugar;
  • honey (35 g);
  • butter (20 g).


Stage 1

In the first stage we knead the sweet dough. To do this, combine the vanilla sugar and baking powder with the flour. Then, the usual fork mash certainly thick honey and a slice of butter, then mix the ingredients in a suitable deep bowl.

Moon cakes photo cooking

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Stage 2

Knead the dough (it is important not to pour wheatflour to it, we could not too dry), leave it to "stand up." At this time, wash the Chinese dried fruit (candied peach, fig and pear, as well as prunes and apricots) and cut them into small pieces as possible. Also, rub the wooden rolling pin shelled walnut. Next, connect the filling ingredients in a bowl and mash thoroughly fragrant mass. It must be sufficiently viscous so that we can form small balls.

Dried fruits for moon pies

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Stage 3

If the mixture is dry, the dried fruits add more. Now go back to the test. So, divide it into small pieces and roll out thinly in tortillas. Then we place on the middle of each spicy stuffing and zaschipyvaem edge, forming round cookies.

Lunny cooking pies photo

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Step 4

We put on parchment leaves, spread outon a baking sheet, the future Yuebin and move it in the preheated oven. After 10 short minutes we obtain our dessert, grease it lightly with beaten egg yolk and put back.

Yuebin - preparation moon cakes

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Step 5

The same amount of time, and Yuebin ready. Before serving, it is recommended to provide the possibility that the Chinese sweets a bit cool, but the best complement to the dish, of course, would be a useful green tea and plenty of children's smiles.

Moon cakes prepared dish

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