Sandwich on Mimosa salad

Recipe "Sandwich on Mimosa salad":

Sandwich on Mimosa salad


  • fat sour cream - 250 g
  • 10 feathers chives
  • 400 ml of red wine
  • Honey 100 g
  • 1 loaf of white bread with bran and seeds
  • 0.5 packs of soft cream cheese
  • 6 egg yolks steep
  • 0.5 kg of onions
  • red wine vinegar - 100 ml
  • 500 g smoked salmon
  • sugar - 100 g

cooking time

30 minutes

Number of servings

12-15 servings

The complexity of cooking


The number of calories

238 kcal

Step by step recipe for cooking

Onions cleaned, cut into thin rings. In a saucepan with a thick bottom to mix red wine, vinegar, honey and sugar. Boil, add the onion and cook over low heat until until all the liquid has evaporated. Ohladit.Hleb cut into thin slices and fry in a toaster or under the grill. Whip cream cheese, add chopped chives luk.Smazat each slice of bread creamy cheese mass, put a ring on her onions on top - slices of salmon, then bow again and again sour cream and curd. Cut the sandwich into small triangles. Sprinkle with grated egg yolks.

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