Recipe "Sangria":

SangriaThis light is very good drink for a hot summer evening. However, I missed a little bit with the weather, and we drank sangria in the rain and a thunderstorm :)
Sangria is much easier on to degree, than, for example, fruit punch, which we prepared last week. But after a couple of glasses of wine is still beginning to be felt. So be careful ;) .
And yes, the drink is best to prepare in advance.

Ingredients approximately 4 persons:

2 bottles of 0.75 liters of dry red wine (you can use a simpler wine)
1 lemon
2 small orange
2 mandarin
1 peach (optional)
1 apple (optional)
Sugar 150 g
120 ml cognac or brandy
2 cinnamon sticks

200 ml of orange juice

ice supply


Sugar mix in a large bowl with the brandy. Add the thinly sliced ​​fruit.


Mix and put in the refrigerator - preferably overnight.

The wine cool.

We shift the contents of the bowl into the pitcher from the refrigerator, put cinnamon and pour the juice and wine. We give to stand for about 15 minutes to start to give cinnamon its flavor.

In a glass put ice and pour sangria.


Have a nice holiday!

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