Puff with cherry

The recipe for "Puff with cherry":

Puff with cherryI do not think the one I painfully familiar with the situation,when dying to delicious pastries and tinker with the test do not have the desire. In such cases, a great magic wand is ready puff pastry - of which you can cook a lot of different delicacies. Today I offer you a simple and delicious recipe with puffs of cherry filling. Yes, rejoice in your bellies!


pack of ready flaky unleavened dough (500 g)
300-400 g cherries, pitted


The dough is thawed, gently roll out and cut into squares. On each pour 1 tsp sugar, put the cherries and sprinkle a little starch, so as not to drip juice during baking.

put stuffing

Wrap the edges so that a triangle, zaschipyvaem well, put on a baking puff and send it in the oven, preheated to 200 deg., Until golden (20 minutes).

zaschipyvaem edge

Ready-made puff sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Puff with cherry

Enjoy your tea!

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