Smoothie with strawberry, mango and orange

Recipe "Smoothies strawberry, mango and orange":

Smoothie with strawberry, mango and orangeWe remember what a smoothie? Something between a drink and a dessert made from ground with the addition of fruit yogurt, kefir, fruit juices and ice (or frozen fruit / berries). This fashionable dessert can be enjoyed in so many institutions. It is even easier to cook at home. Flight of fancy in the issue of a set of ingredients can be limitless.

By the way, the blog already has a recipe for banana-pineapple smoothie.

Ingredients 4 servings:

200 ml carrot juice
100 g of yoghurt
1 large orange
1 medium ripe mango *
150 g frozen strawberries **
juice of half a lime (optional)


* You can use frozen mango pieces - 150 g will be enough.

** If you are using fresh berries - Put in a blender added half a cup of ice.

Pour into a blender cup yogurt and carrot juice.

Juice and yogurt

Add the strawberries, cleaned of films of orange pulp and diced mango pulp.

+ Berries and fruits

Grinds to a thick puree.


Add the lime juice to taste. Spread into glasses and serve.

Smoothie with strawberry, mango and orange

Bon Appetit!

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