snack cake

The recipe for "Snack cake":

snack cake


  • 500g puff pastry
  • 300 g thin slices of salmon or trout of cold smoking
  • 1 cod liver bank
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 large green apple
  • 1 small white onion
  • 6 tablespoons mayonnaise provencal
  • 1 tablespoon horseradish cream
  • juice and zest of half a lemon
  • 50 g of Russian cheese
  • a small bunch of parsley, leaves only
  • salt and freshly ground white pepper

cooking time

1 h 10 min

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking



Meeting with friends, birthday, New Year, Romantic Dinner, Buffet

Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

The layers of dough, without defrosting, put onparchment lined baking sheet and place in a cold oven. Set the temperature to 180 ° C and bake cakes, until the dough will not rise and acquires a golden color, 30-40 minutes. Remove the cakes and cool, then disassemble each 3-4 thinner cake.

Step 2

Two apples pinned plug on all sides,in the same bake oven until softened, 30-40 min., depending on the size. Peel apples ready from the core and peel, chop the flesh into a puree, mix with mayonnaise, creamy horseradish, juice and chopped lemon zest and season with salt and pepper.

Step 3

Boil hard boiled eggs and clean. Onion very finely chop, pour lots of boiling water for 1 min., Fold in a colander, pour over ice water and pat dry. More 1 apple peel and core, cut into very small cubes. Cod liver oil and egg mash with a fork. Mix the cod liver oil, apples, onions and eggs.

Step 4

Brush each cake on one side or pateCod liver or apple mayonnaise. Calculated as follows: between the two central shortcakes will need to lay out the slices of salmon - and both of these cakes should be lubricated with mayonnaise apple, the top on both sides. The top cake on the cake must not be lubricated by anything, but you should stay a little apple mayonnaise.

step 5

Assemble the cake. Cover it with foil or foil and place on top of a heavy wooden board. Leave for 1 hour. Then grease the top apple cake remaining mayonnaise, grate the cheese on a fine grater, mix with chopped parsley, sprinkle the cake and serve.

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