Soup on the pork ribs with sauerkraut and empanadas for snack

Recipe "Soup on the pork ribs with sauerkraut and empanadas for snack":

Soup on the pork ribs with sauerkraut and empanadas for snack


For the pancakes:

  • cool boiling water - 2 tbsp.
  • cold milk - 2 tbsp.
  • flour - 2 tbsp.
  • sugar - 2 tbsp
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons + for frying

To ing (4-liter saucepan):

  • Fresh meaty pork ribs - 800 g
  • Potatoes - 4 pcs.
  • fresh cabbage - 1/4 head of cabbage
  • sauerkraut - 400g
  • Carrots - 1 pc.
  • onions - 1 pc.
  • cherry tomatoes - 8 pcs.
  • Chili pepper - 1 small pod
  • tomato paste - 2 tbsp
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • bay leaf - 2 leaf
  • dill, salt and pepper - to taste

cooking time

3 hours

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking



Cooking, Roasting


Lunch, Dinner

Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Boil the broth. My ribs, cut into individual ribs, fill it with water, put the pan over high heat and wait to boil. How to begin to stand pena- remove it with a slotted spoon. As zakipelo- cover with a lid, to translate the fire below average broth and cook at a slow boil about one and a half hours. When the broth is ready, take out the ribs can broth

Step 2

Again heat the broth to a boil and put in itsliced ​​potatoes into cubes. Cook for about 10 minutes Then add the chopped cherry tomatoes in half. At the same time shinkuem kapustu- add to potatoes, to the same-sauerkraut and finely chopped chili pepper. Cook.

Step 3

At the same time, the onion cut into small cubes,three carrots on a coarse grater. In a small amount of vegetable oil fry the vegetables until golden brown, fire translate the level of "below average".

Step 4

Cast about ladle the broth into the cup, add to tomato pastu- mix. Tomato mixture into the pan with the transfer zazharki and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes.

step 5

Adding zazharku into the soup, add chopped garlic and a couple of leaves of laurel. Cook another 10 minutes at the very end finely chop the dill and sprinkle on top.

step 6

Return the soup to the rib. Turn off the heat and, without removing from the heat, give the soup infuse for at least half an hour. Soup are much tastier the next day.

step 7

Pancakes. Normally I use the meat from the cooking broth, in this case, I had a piece of boiled meat earlier. Filling is done as follows: scroll through a meat grinder meat. In a frying pan warm up butter (not zhadnichaem- the more oil, the juicier filling, but also do not have to overdo it), cut in small cubes 1 large onion or a few medium fry in oil until light golden. There zhe scrolled meat, season with salt pepper, stir and warm up. Long did not fry. Filling should not be able to "dry."

Step 8

Boiling milk mix in a receptacle,add the eggs, salt, sugar, beat with a mixer. Begin adding flour while continuing to whisk the dough at the end of baking powder and vegetable oil, 4-5 tablespoons Fry the pancakes in a frying pan, brush with butter, then it is not necessary before the first pancake. Farshiruem finished pancakes with meat-ready!

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