Squid grilled with new potatoes and yellow pepper sauce.

The recipe for "Grilled Squid with new potatoes and yellow pepper sauce.":

Squid grilled with new potatoes and yellow pepper sauce.


  • squid peeled 65 g
  • 2 g of garlic
  • olive oil 10 g
  • thyme 1 g
  • 3 g of salt
  • Pepper h / m of 1 g
  • mini potatoes boiled 8g
  • yellow bell pepper 9 g
  • onions 25 g
  • white wine 2 g
  • vegetable broth 85 g
  • pea pods 25 g
  • garlic butter 2 g
  • sun-dried cherry tomatoes 5g
  • radish slice 6g

cooking time

20 minutes

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking




Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Squid marinated in olive oil, salt and pepper, add the rosemary.

Step 2

In vegetable oil fry the marinated squid, snow peas and boiled potatoes small, add garlic oil, salt and pepper.

Step 3

To prepare the sauce, yellow pepperpepper bake in the oven. Separately, fry the onion in olive oil, add the vegetable stock and white wine. All the ingredients to punch in a blender until smooth, put on the bottom of the dish.

Step 4

In a bowl pour the sauce of yellow pepper, top with the squid with peas and potatoes. Garnish with slice of radish.

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