Suluguni (Samegrelo)

Recipe "Suluguni (Samegrelo)":

Suluguni (Samegrelo)


  • 1 kg of cheese Imereti young (3-5 day old)
  • 3 liters of milk (whey, water)
  • salt

cooking time

24 h

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking





without heat treatment

Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Warm water, milk or serum in a wide pan until 70-80 ° C. Remove from heat.

Step 2

Cut the cheese slices and put it in milk (whey and water). Knead the curd wooden spoon 7-10 min., Trying to reach the plasticity and ductility.

Step 3

Pour the curd on the board and start to mold suluguni: the outer edges of tortillas wrap inside and again flattened cake. Repeat this procedure several times.

Step 4

Then, with his left hand, grasp the edge of the cheese, the righthand razglazhivayanerovnuyu surface, trying to "drive" it down to his left hand and giving a spherical shape. Cheese Dip in cold water for 2 minutes. - For shaping and solidification.

step 5

Ready cheese lay in a round shape, sprinkled withsalt, put in a cool place. In principle, it can be eaten within a few hours, but then he was too young. They taste best suluguni 2-3 days.

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