The recipe for "beetroot":

beetrootI do not know about you, but I can not imagine a summer withouttwo dishes - and beetroot hash (or friedge as my grandmother calls it). Another issue is that now the summer and the cold itself. Anyway. On okroshka we'll talk about later, but beetroot is urgent.

Just make a reservation - this recipe a fewslozhnovat, and now I will explain why. Most recipes suggest cooking this dish either yogurt or broth, which was cooked beets. I do it on a beet kvass. Basically, it does not brew so difficult - the only thing that will have to take care of this in advance. So, how to prepare kvass.

Take a large glass bowl. A great option for that - five-liter pot. Capacity should necessarily be made of glass, because experience shows that in plastic bottles of water kvass get ... ahem ... to put it mildly, bad. So, in this jar cut into two large slices of beets large. Top to fill the whole thing with boiling water, put on top of a piece of stale black bread, cover (but do not close tightly) Cover and leave at room temperature for 2-3 days (depending on the climatic conditions in the apartment :) ).

And now - directly the beetroot. Products quote based on my favorite six-liter pot:

Most of beet - 1 pc
Cucumbers are medium in size - 3 pieces
bow beam
boiled eggs - 4 pieces

Take out of the jar with a beet kvass - numberequivalent to one whole big root vegetables - and put to boil. Upon reaching the readiness of the three on a coarse grater and add up in a pan. There also small cubes cut cucumbers, greens and crumble fill kvas (from banks pour all, if it turned a little liquid - dilute some water boiling). Eggs can chop and toss into the pan (in my opinion, more so tasty), and can be cut in half and put one in each dish (but so is more correct).

To apply the table seasoned sour cream.

Bon Appetit :)

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