Warm salad with beans and ham

The recipe for "Warm salad with beans and ham":

Warm salad with beans and hamAnother update photo. Recipe previously appeared as "Snack" Gourmet. "

Prododzhaem series snack recipes. This recipe (or rather the very dish) was peeped at the restaurant "The Little Mermaid" sanatorium "Youth", which at the Minsk Sea, daveshney conference "Business Internet". All products are available in more than realization terribly simple.


200g green beans
200 g of broccoli
150 g of sweet pepper (1 medium)
200 g ham or carbonade
50 g cheese
salt and pepper to taste


Ham cut into strips and fry for 5 minutes in vegetable mala.

fry ham

Beans and broccoli fry in olive oil for 5 minutes, not pre-defrosting.

fry vegetables

Add the sliced ​​peppers into strips and fry until cooked.

+ pepper

Putting the vegetables and ham, a few minutes warm up together, then we expand on plates and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Warm salad with beans and broccoli

Bon Appetit!

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