Warm salad with beef in a pan-Asian style

The recipe for "Warm salad with beef in a pan-Asian style":

Warm salad with beef in a pan-Asian style


  • tomatoes - 1 pc.
  • porcini mushrooms - 20 grams
  • oyster mushrooms - 20 grams
  • asparagus (cleaned) - 1 pc.
  • Kenyan beans - 20 g
  • spinach - 15 g
  • soy sauce - 10 ml
  • sesame oil - 5 ml
  • bow - 5 g
  • sesame seeds - a pinch
  • butter - 30 ml
  • beef tenderloin - 100 g

cooking time

40 minutes

Number of servings


The complexity of cooking



author, Pan-Asian




Lunch, Dinner



Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

Chop the tomatoes into half rings, onion - thin rings.

Step 2

Fry the oyster mushrooms, white mushrooms, asparagus and Kenyan beans in butter.

Step 3

Pour the sesame oil and soy sauce. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Remove from heat add the spinach leaves and sliced ​​onion into fine strips.

Step 4

Take beef tenderloin - to beat off to a thickness of 2 mm. Crimp in butter until golden caramel (for a few seconds on each side). Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with sesame seeds top side.

step 5

Semirings tomatoes, put a fan. Set in the middle of the form and put the vegetables. On top place the rolled meat loaf. Serve.

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